About First Then IFS

First Then I.F.S. (Insurance & Financial Solutions) – The meaning behind the name.

At the beginning of any behavioral intervention program or plan for a child with developmental disabilities, therapists will teach the family a simple strategy called First Then.

It is a simple behavior analytic strategy to help increase desired behaviors or outcomes:

  • First Directing the child to do the desired task to reach an end goal (something needed to do).
  • Then The reward for accomplishing the completed task or the desired activity and the outcome is the reinforcer (the intended target goal).

As a father of a son with Autism, I understand how everyone has unique needs.  My personal experience as both a parent and a provider within the special needs community led to the creation of First Then I.F.S.
The same strategy detailed above goes hand in hand with financial planning, be it an individual, the family unit, or a small business...keeping in mind that the focus of today will impact the outcome of tomorrow.